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Sergi Rodríguez  
03-07-2020 18:59  
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I discovered and tried Hashover-Next for a friend who was searching for a free alternative to Disqus. So after to compare some opensource options there, i choosed Hashover and it liked to me so much that i even made a fork to add catalan translation and a new interesting feature: importation from Disqus ;-)

You will need only a PHP server, and the comments are stored on a local SQLite database. So the install process is quite simple, but you will need SSH access to your server and GIT capabilities (i sincerely recommend Dreamhost, with the best quality at the optimal price):

  1. create subdomain (eg:hashover.mydomain.com) and install SSL certificate
  2. from SSH console: git clone https://github.com/caos30/hashover-next.git
  3. from SSH or FTP, edit: backend/classes/secrets.php
  4. from SSH or FTP, edit: backend/classes/sensitivesettings.php (specially edit this: the allowedDomains array !!)
  5. from web browser: https://hashover.mydomain.com/admin/
  6. add these 2 HTML lines, in the place of the webpage where you want to display comments:
<div id="hashover">&nbsp;</div>
<script type="text/javascript" 


  • One instance of Hashover can serve comments to several other projects.
  • The different domain names where are hosted those projects must be specified on the array allowedDomains at the file sensitivesettings.php
  • Don't install Hashover in the root of your subdomain. Create a directory (like myproject1, you can use the name you want) and install Hashover inside.

Import from Disqus

I added a new main menu section that you will not find in the original Github project: import comments from Disqus. You can download/review/fork my code on https://github.com/caos30/hashover-next/

How does it work? Briefly: importing an XML.ZIP file exported from Disqus. ?'ve developed it only for the storage of type SQL, not the XML.

Etiquetas : opensource | php

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